When I thought of the idea of this object, I reflected upon something which was in relation to the excellence of the product with the precision of a ‘GESTURE’ and with a ‘RULE’ which for me is one of the guarantee factors of quality in the kitchen.
The XFETTA truffle slicer is made of one piece in accordance with logic ‘LESS IS MORE’ which characterizes many of my choices; it cuts all slices the same thickness because precision is one of the characteristics that contributes to making dishes as repeatable as possible in the taste taking into account the climate and season variables.

I chose the name XFETTA to convey two concepts: the first is that the slice has an ideal thickness therefore being ideally "perfect" to enhance the truffle and its unmistakable fragrance, the second is that each slice is perfectly equal.
An in-depth analysis on the raw material, which lasted over two years, took place along with valuable advice from the National Centre for Truffle Studies and the best place to present this new creation can only be The International White Truffle Fair of Alba, the undisputed temple of the Tuber magnatum Pico.

To engineer and implement this product in the best possible way and to guarantee a high level of quality, I entrusted Ambrogio Sanelli and his company, based in Premana (Lecco) as they have been dealing with these kind of objects since 1864. The choice of the best steels is fundamental for them, along with the design of state-of-the-art technical solutions, exploiting a combination of tradition and artisan quality along with technological innovation.

Davide Oldani, Chef

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